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gp-Pack for Creators Update (1709)!

Control privacy and telemetry of your onPremise Clients and Servers with Group Policy, no matter if Domain-Joined or Non-Domain-Joined. No matter if Home, Professional or Enterprise, be aware that some of the components are even exist since Windows 7.

gp-pack PaT delivers +70 active policies containing +300 Registry Keys to disable components sending data to Microsoft on a Microsoft Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 Operating System by Group Policy. 


Take a look inside the containing Group Policy settings:


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Why should I buy gp-pack PaT – Privacy and Telemetry?
It safes your time you need to search and re-search the settings in GPEditor, to create the script for Apps-Removal and finding registry keys to disable Apps running in background and to enable all settings yourself. 

Some Screenshots after using PaT (click to enlarge)

Microsoft published an article Manage connections from Windows operating system components to Microsoft services, which is the guidance of this RuleSet.  gp-pack PaT extends this article with an ADM Template to disable Apps running in Background by preference to save energy (60+ Apps) and 5 Powershell Scripts to remove and disable the most possible published Apps (~50 Apps) for all users. the current and for new users. As an extra benefit gp-pack PaT provides a sample script to deploy a clean startmenue for new user profiles and another script to redirect the telemetry endpoints to localhost. 

First! Implement gp-pack PaT in Testenvironment and evaluate, then deploy your ruleset into production.

gp-pack PaT delivers a Group Policy Backup of a domain GPO and a local GPO backup. You can use the Powershell Scripts as a Startup and Login script to run once in your environment or within your Deployment of the operating system. The documentation guides you through the implementation process. Additionally, the ADM provide the option to remove OneDrive, Network, Libraries and HomeNetwork from the Explorer treeview. Check the GP Report on the homepage for all settings.

You need to proof which one of the policies are applicable in your environment. gp-pack PaT philosophy is first to disable everything to reach privacy and secound remove Apps aswell. This leaves some usefull Apps unfunctional for privacy reason. If you like to use Onedrive, Cortana etc set the policy to "Not configured" and do not remove the App.

DO NOT enable "..\gp-Pack: Privacy and Telemetry\3. Prevent Windows from time synchronisation" in a domain environment.

gp-pack PaT  delivers GPO with all settings already active, de-select the ones you do not need. You do not need to create a script on your own to remove all the Apps, use and extend the one gp-pack PaT provides. You only need to change the settings, that do not fit in your environment.